Significance of Bindi ~ Applying Red Dot on forehead

Significance of Bindi ~ Applying Red Dot on forehead

There are many posts regarding the use and history of Bindi by women in India and Tilak (tear drop) by men.
This post is to give a clear perspective.

  • bindi and tilak have been used in india for ages more than 10,000 years
  • vedic seers of ancient India with a strong sense of perception and knowledge devised rituals
  • rituals were designed so that the common folk would be out of way of worldly harm and pressures.
  • bindi is applied on the forehead between the center of the eyebrows especially after marriage
  • the woman applying is reminded of her increased responsibilities and duties to the family every day
  • you cannot lead a woman wearing a bindi astray - she cannot be hypnotized
  • she begets the love and caring of her husband everyday and eternally - the divorce rate in india is below 0.1 % and in the west nearing  50%
  • the application of the dot stimulates the pineal gland (third eye) and balances the left and right brain hemispheres ~its placement is behind the eye brows in the center of the brain
  • she is sensible to take major decisions and has always had a say no wonder what is portrayed by the mainstream media not so worthy intellectuals 
  • our body and all matter is waves ~ light~ sound ~vibrations  at the quantum level and till date nothing written in Vedas {The source code of all knowledge} has been proven wrong Perceptive people from all over the world are coming back to the basics and to Nature- to name a few yoga , meditation and ayurveda (herbal cures)
  • hinduism is not a religion but a way of life - mother of all religions rather civilizations


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